Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society


Foster – Volunteer – Take Action!

From about April through November, local communities experience ‘kitten season,’ where we see an influx of kittens being born in our communities.

CatPAWS needs fosters who can help us save these vulnerable lives. Our foster families provide care and support to our kittens until they are ready to be adopted. CatPAWS provides food, supplies and medical services, as well as emotional support for you to be a successful foster parent.

We also needs foster homes for adult cats, those who might be recovering from various illnesses or injuries, or just those who need some time and a safe place to stay as they await their forever homes. Another need – and we’re not going to sugarcoat it, it can be tough but incredibly rewarding and spiritual in a way – is for hospice care. This very special kind of fostering allows a cat whose life might otherwise be ended in a public shelter the dignity and comfort of one last home, to be spoiled, to be loved, to be held until that last goodbye. We all deserve that. 

We are a responsive, responsible organization. We provide food, supplies, medical care. 

Your number one job as a foster? Providing TLC to our vulnerable cat & kitten population.

Foster Eligibility Requirements

You must meet these basic requirements to be able to foster kittens from CatPAWS: