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General Needs Fund

There are many ways to give! You can choose to give to our General Needs Fund to have your donation go where it’s needed most, or to one of our other legacy funds which may touch your heart or be of special interest to you. You can even donate in memory or honor of a loved one. There are also fun ways to donate that don’t cost anything extra at all! Please scroll down for all the ways you can save lives.

The Spay Neuter Fund

Help stop the tragedy of cat overpopulation and unwanted litters!

This fund was established in October 2010 to support CatPAWS’ mission of providing Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) for feral cat management and to reduce overall cat overpopulation.

The tragic consequences of pet overpopulation can be prevented – there is a solution.Thank you for being part of ‘The Fix’!

The Blanco Memorial Fund

Created in memory and honor of a very special young cat, this fund will help with the expenses of caring for special needs cats and kittens.

Born to a feral mother among the rocks on a Southern California beach, Blanco and his brother Lionel were rescued and placed into foster care as tiny kittens. Completely deaf, Blanco grew into an easygoing, happy and loving young cat. He had just been adopted by people who adored him when congestive heart failure claimed him suddenly, most likely the result of a congenital defect, at just six months old. He touched many lives in his brief time with us and was very loved. The Blanco Memorial Fund was created to help with expenses for special needs cats and kittens.

Monthly Support - Be a BFF "Best Feline Friend"

If you like what we do and want to keep helping us do it – please consider becoming a monthly donor!

In addition to the direct rescue of hundreds of at-risk cats and kittens every year, these are some of the ways your generous support helps Save Cat Lives and Make People Lives Better!

1. The CatPAWS Spay Neuter Fund through its own voucher program covers the cost of hundreds of cats per year, preventing the suffering, death and tragedy of homeless, unwanted litters.

2. We pioneered the DIY Kitten Care Program, providing Kitten Care Kits to public shelters which in turn offer them to people who find and bring in underage kittens – those too small for the shelter to readily care for. The underage kitten population is often the most at risk in a public shelter, more likely to become sick and euthanized. This program not only keeps hundreds of kittens out of the shelter and safer in homes, but engages the community to be part of the solution.

3. Provide gift cards to help people struggling to care for their cats due to financial hardship.

Pick a level that will fit your budget.

Felix Level- $10 per month

Cheshire Level-  $25 per month

Garfield Level- $50 per month

Pink Panther- $100 per month

Quarterly donations can be set up as well! Contact us for more information info@helensanderscatpaws.com

Estate Planning & Planned Giving

Ask us about planned giving and ways to provide for your pets!

Leave a legacy and include Helen Sanders CatPAWS in your estate

Donate in Honor or Memory

Donating in memory of a loved one honors your relationship and keeps their memory alive. A gift in memory of a pet recognizes that lasting bond and is a way to commemorate the love we have for our pets long after they’ve passed.

And donating in honor of someone makes a wonderful gift for that person who has everything! 

We offer a couple ways for you to make this special gift. You can use the Donate link, indicate who the gift is in honor or memory of, and provide email and name info to notify the recipient of your thoughtfulness. You may also share a few words in our guestbook. This is a touching gift that will change lives and be appreciated!

Other Ways to Give

Save cats while you shop! Choose CatPAWS as your designated charity when you shop at these stores:

iGive.com: Shop hundreds of stores through this shopping portal! Click here to sign up

Chewy.com will donate a portion of proceeds for each customer purchase to CatPAWS! Order pet food through the link below and CatPAWS will get a donation! Click here to order through Chewy.com
If you shop at Ralph’s, you can sign up to designate Helen Sanders CatPAWS to receive a contribution at no cost to you! Click here to sign up with Ralph’s! (If link doesn’t take you to page, please cut and paste the following link: https://www.ralphs.com/asset/ralphs_instructions_2016-2017)

And…if you have a vehicle you don’t want anymore but don’t want to go through the hassle of selling it, you can donate it! Click here for Cars2Charities.

Help us earn some additional funds. When you shop our link with PetFood Express, a small percentage comes back to Helen Sanders CatPAWS. Use this link to help us!


Other Ways to give

Sign up & Shop through Amazon Smile!
Chewy.com will donate a portion of proceeds for each new customer purchase to CatPAWS! So give Chewy.com a try and click on link below to order the CatPAWS Chewy.com page!


Attention Ralph's Shoppers!

If you shop at Ralph’s, you can sign up to designate Helen Sanders CatPAWS to receive a contribution at no cost to you! (If link above doesn’t take you to page, please cut and paste link below)

Also available for Food 4 Less shoppers!
Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and Helen Sanders Cat Paws will get a $20 donation!


Create an account and choose Helen Sanders CatPAWS as your designated charity and help cats every time you shop at no cost to you!

Although we have tried to teach cats marketable skills (see attempts, below) most remain unemployable, able only to love unconditionally, bring laughter, and much joy. Therefore, they rely on your donations. Thank you!

Office work didn't go well

Plumbing went badly

And making the bed was a bust.

...So we tried pole-dancing