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"The Traveling Kitty Comfort and Therapy Show"

We had a dear friend of our rescue named Priscilla Maltbie, a talented writer and published author. She shared all our posts and was responsible for at least one kitty adoption; a friend of hers saw our post for an adoptable cat on her page. She lived her last years with limited mobility in an assisted living facility where she could not have cats, which she loved so dearly, of her own so we would take some in to visit her.
Our friend Priscilla was the inspiration for bringing cats to an assisted living facility. The human-animal bond can be so powerful, and animals can reach people in wonderful and profound ways. The health benefits of pets are well known, with lowered blood pressure, reducing stress and increasing happiness!
The residents seem to enjoy these visits and we do, too! We are so grateful to be part of bringing the joy of our adorable kitties to others.
CatPAWS has a wonderful time visiting residents! Our adoptable kittens always have a blast running around, playing, and snuggling. What a fun time!

We like to say ‘Saving Cats and Making Smiles’, and our Traveling Kitty Comfort and Therapy Show is one way we do that!

Our volunteers and the residents alike enjoy these visits to assisted living facilities.

Priscilla and Zoey