Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society


June 21, 2023 – Seal Beach, CA – Shortly after spay surgery, little Hufflepuff became lethargic and was not eating. We took her into one of our vet clinics where she was hospitalized overnight and bloodwork was performed. 

Her white blood cell count is astronomical, she is running a high fever and she had an abscess that ruptured. The clinic that initially treated and hospitalized her advised that the only way to even try to save Hufflepuff’s life was to immediately transfer her to a veterinary emergency 24-hour hospital and that she will likely need surgery. So one of our volunteers rushed her to the emergency hospital today. 

We have spoken with the doctor at the emergency hospital, they have done an ultrasound, are running more tests, and are still evaluating her. Hufflepuff is on IV antibiotics. They have discussed that surgery of some kind, the full extent and nature of which they do not yet know, is likely. We are bracing for a heart sinking bill from the emergency hospital, maybe up to $10,000. We are hoping she has not become septic and whatever is going on can be fixed. Frankly, we don’t know how this will turn out but we know we have to try, we have to give her a chance.

We want Hufflepuff to rejoin her brothers and sisters to go on and find homes. There is nothing more bittersweet than watching the siblings of a kitten who passed go on to be adopted. We are happy for them of course but we cannot help but think of the one who didn’t make it, who never got to go home. We are trying so very hard for that not to be the outcome here.

Hufflepuff is so close to the ‘finish line’ for a rescued kitten, going home and being someone’s best little friend.

Please help us make that happen for her. 


About Helen Sanders CatPAWS
Founded in 2010 to continue the legacy of Helen Sanders, who practiced and advocated trap-neuter-return (TNR) for feral community cats ever since the 1990s. CatPAWS rescues at risk cats from public shelters, finds adoptive homes, provides support to the community with education, low or no-cost spay/neuter vouchers, traveling kitten therapy program, and the DIY kitten care project. Visit www.helensanderscatpaws.com, CatPAWS Facebook page, or call 562-280-4450 to learn more or get involved.