January 2, 2022 – Seal Beach, CA – His medical intake records at the shelter noted him as ‘purring loudly’, despite a grievous injury to his tail.

When we met Leonardo at a public shelter, we knew we had to make this fluffy little black kitten one of ours. Examination revealed that part of his tail was completely non-responsive and immovable. Since a cat’s tail is a complicated structure and actually part of its spine, having it drag behind him might cause further injury and even a life-threatening infection, so unfortunately Leonardo’s tail will need to be amputated. With pre-surgery bloodwork and exam and the surgery itself, the total cost of treatment will be about $600.

Not too long after rescuing Leonardo, we got little Luna out of the shelter. She was brought to CatPAWS along with several other kittens with eye infections. Luna was diagnosed with phthisis, a result likely of severe infection, and was irreversible. When Luna became old enough for surgery, her eye was removed. Still, she is a happy, playful kitten who is very loved. 

Just these two kitten surgeries have cost CatPAWS about $1,500. That is part of our commitment to making sure every cat who comes into our care has the chance to live his or her best and healthiest life. We never, ever, want money to be part of our decision-making.

Your donations make it possible for kittens like Leonardo and Luna to survive. Thank you for being part of the journey home for these little ones and so many more.

P.S. – CatPAWS is so happy to announce that Luna is adopted! Little Leonardo will be available once he’s all healed! He is the sweetest, happiest boy.

About Helen Sanders CatPAWS
Founded in 2010 to continue the legacy of Helen Sanders, who practiced and advocated trap-neuter-return (TNR) for feral community cats ever since the 1990s. CatPAWS rescues at risk cats from public shelters, finds adoptive homes, provides support to the community with education, low or no-cost spay/neuter vouchers, traveling kitten therapy program, and the DIY kitten care project. Visit www.helensanderscatpaws.com, CatPAWS Facebook page, or call 562-280-4450 to learn more or get involved.