Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society


Helen Sanders Foster to Adopt Form

    I hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree to the following:

    1. The animal is and remains the property of CatPAWS. The animal must be relinquished to CatPAWS upon request. Failure to do
      so may result in legal action.

    2. CatPAWS may inspect the premises where the animal is to be or is being, housed at a mutually agreed upon time.

    3. As a foster care provider, I realize my services are provided strictly on a volunteer basis and that I will receive nor expect any
      compensation or payment whatsoever or reimbursement for expenses not previously approved by CatPAWS.

    4. As the animal remains the property of CatPAWS at all time until and unless foster care provider chooses to adopt, foster care
      providers do not have the authority to place or keep foster animal(s) with another party without prior approval from CatPAWS.

    5. All veterinary visits must be approved in advance and arranged with CatPAWS designated veterinarians. Unauthorized veterinary
      expenses will not be reimbursed.

    6. Cats and kittens must be kept inside at all times.

    7. Animals must be kept in a separate room or enclosure and provided with food, water, litter and frequent human companionship.

    8. Thorough cleansing and hygiene practices must be observed. Animals may be carrying undiagnosed diseases or parasites.

    9. Transportation of animals to veterinarian, spay/neuter appointments, adoption events and other venues as required is the
      responsibility of the foster care provider.

    10. The foster care provider is expected to maintain adequate medical records, including vaccination dates and when next vaccination
      is due. A medical log form will be provided.

    11. CatPAWS will be kept updated on the animal’s social and physical progress with any changes such as sneezing, vomiting,
      diarrhea, listlessness, inappetance, runny eyes, etc. reported promptly.

    12. If I intend to adopt the cat I am fostering, I will notify CatPAWS of that intention within a mutually specified timeframe, complete
      an Adoption Contract and pay fee at that time. If I do not notify CatPAWS within that timeframe, cat will return to CatPAWS care and
      become available for adoption by any qualified adopter.

    I accept the animals as is and assume all risk from contact with or care for, them, including but not limited to, damage to personal or
    property, injury or illness that may arise indirectly or directly. I agree to hold harmless CatPAWS, its volunteers, officers and assigns
    from any liability. I acknowledge that this is a legally binding contract and understand my duties and responsibilities under it.

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    Foster Care Provider:

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