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Providing education, support, and resources to our community to help more cats live full and cherished lives.

Le Chic Chat Soirée

CatPAWS Fundraiser and Gala on November 4, 2023 from 5-9pm

Celebrating the lives we save and change, our donors, adopters, our team. Join with us at Navy Golf Course as we present out programs of direct rescue of at-risk cats and kittens, our acclaimed DIY Kitten Care Kits, Kitty Therapy, and plans for our exciting mobile spay/neuter program.

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and Inspiration

Although precise statistics are difficult to determine, animal advocacy organizations estimate that approximately 4-5 millions animals are put to death in shelters across the United States each year. Because of their more prolific breeding cycle and other factors, the overwhelming majority of these animals are cats.

Building on the Legacy

Shelters across the country are overwhelmed with abandoned and stray cats and unaltered cats perpetuate the tragedy of unwanted litters. Helen’s friends and supporters of her work resolved to help address this problem by creating an organization to continue her legacy of caring for cats and educating people by setting the following goals:

It is hoped that through the Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society (HS CatPAWS) the staggering problem of pet overpopulation with its resultant tragic consequences can be eased and helpless cats whose only crime is to be unwanted can escape certain death and get another chance.

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