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Spice (formerly Spike until we learned he was really a girl!) with her new family. Rock On, Furry Spice! We love you and wish you and your new fam a long, happy life together!
Sting relaxing in his new home (which is the same one in which he was fostered. Oops!! It happens.) He's a lucky, handsome boy and we wish them years of love.
From Trouble's adopter: "Hiya, I am so happy to have the new addition to our home! Overall I think that he is pretty happy here and we are all loving having him!!! I can honestly say that he is one of the best things to happen to our family!"
Please visit our Facebook page album, 'Honey, I'm Home!', for more pictures of cats with their new families!
Please visit our Facebook page album, "Honey, I'm Home! We've been Adopted", for more pictures of cats with their new families.
Now known as Night Crawler for his cute, stealthy nocturnal attacks, the former Sammy relaxes in his new home.
Casey's dreams came true - he's been adopted!

Beautiful Cameo has found her home!

Chad was on his last day in a shelter's 'death row'. An 11th hour rescue reprieve changed his life and judging from the smiles, we think this young lady's, too!
This young couple adopted Oliver!
This adorable kitten, the only survivor of her litter, was named Miss Piggy because she had two black dots under her very pink little nose. She went 'Wheee!!' all the way home.
Vincent, rescued from a kill shelter, is in a loving new home.
Pepsi with his new mom!